Perfecting the human-A.I. combination for your business

Companies that keep balance between their employees and AI Strengths… Artificial Intelligence works best for them.

As A.I now being increasingly adopted by businesses, all business leaders should keep this thing in mind that to obtain optimum results and to make their work more efficient, they must be looking for ways to combine human and A.I.

And here are three principles for A.I- Human Combination.

Understand the human-A.I. combinations available to your company.


This is very important Step as businesses work differently.. you’ll have to understand the human AI- combination for your business keeping your business type in mind. What are the possibilities that you can go for.

A.I. as Illuminator
A.I. as Recommender:
A.I. as Decider
A.I. as Automator

A.I. as Illuminator

That will provide data driven insights to your employees.. so that can make strategies and work on them accordingly.

A. I as Recommender

It can also work as a recommender to offer recommendation that will help your employees a lot in choosing a better option.

A.I as Decider

You can also use A.I. as decider and your employees will execute that decision.

A.I. as Automator

This is very common, this is also one of those first things comes in mind while talking about the role of AI in a Business.AI can help to automate your business with the help and oversight of your employees.

Use a decision tree to determine the best human-A.I. combination for your application

  • Objectives
  • Context
  • Outcomes

Regularly review and refine your human-A.I. combinations.


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